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  • 產品品牌 研華
  • 產品型號 IPC-610-F
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帶 ATX 主板選項的 4U 高 14 槽機架安裝機箱
Main Features
  • 4U rackmount chassis supports up to 15 cards
  • Shock-resistant disk drive bay design holds up to three 5.25" and two 3.5" (one front-accessible & one internal) disk drives
  • Special hold-down clamp design with rubber cushions protects the cards from shock and vibration
  • Power and HDD activity notification improves system availability
  • Front-accessible air filter for easy system maintenance
  • Lockable front door prevents unauthorized access
  • 300 W / 400 W AC and 300 W DC ATX power supply options
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